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     Artwork adorn the walls, beautify the environment, enhance what you own, provide inspiration when you need it, and remind us of who we are.

In a world, where the value of original artworks can be extraordinarily high, I want to offer an alternative.  I feel that original artwork should be affordable so I set the cost of each piece at $10 an hour plus shipping.   I am retired, with no desire for recognition or wealth.  I am in search of a loving home for my drawings and paintings.  I hope you find these interesting and meaningful.  Check it out yourself...Trust in your own sense of taste.

About Kenneth Nakamura, artist

    I am he who lives in a place the famous author Mark Twain called the most beautiful valley in the world but is now the place where people from Kahala would never go to visit. I am he who walked everyday to a middle school where I learned so many things, including what I can do best in life. ..a school that is now being reorganized left behind by the child left behind.

    I am he who came from a small, remote place in the world who traveled through and lived in eight states in the great land called America, walked through a diesel polluted town in a city just liberated in East Germany for forty days and nights and traveled up the highest peak in Europe called Mont Blanc. I am he who dreams of inspiring people through two dimensional arts even though no one goes to see two dimensional arts at all and only purchase one dimensional art, mesmerized by the minutiae of being entertained and decorated.

     I am he who has lived on this wonderful planet for thirty five million seven twenty seven thousand, six hundred, ninety three minutes, as of July 20, 2022 at 8 :59 pm. I am he, who has three wonderful children and learned that they will be here when I won't which means I will still be here,

     I am he who no one could see in high school because I didn't have a pair of blue jeans, had a thick pair of black rimmed glasses and was afraid to talk to girls at fifteen but everyone can see me now because I teach in another high school and they need to pass my class. I am he who walked in a seaport city called Penang not able to say anything to anybody because Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay sounded the same and they thought I spoke in Japanese or Korean which I don't.

  • Education:   BFA and MFA in Drawing and Painting, University of Hawaii, Manoa 

  • Work:         Retired Teacher, "Drawing and Painting" and "Introduction to the Visual Arts"

Kalihi Valley 1 stretched.jpg
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