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These works have already been sold or not for sale (NFS).  This represents a sample of my career as an artist.  I've worked in various styles such as Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual Art, Impressionism, Color Field Painting, Surrealism, Realism and even dabbled in Photo Realism in some of my recent works.

 Thought provaking artwork

that is meaningful.

Recent Works Sold

View From Mount Olomana,
37" x 5-0" Oil on canvas, 2023, SOLD
Ken Nakamura_ View from Tantalus.jpg
View From Tantalus,
26" x 42", Oil on canvas, 2019, SOLD
Ho'omaluhia Pathway, ,
40" x 24", Oil on canvas, 2023, SOLD
Loko Waimaluhia Late Afternoon,
30" x 36" Oil on canvas, 2023, SOLD
Abandoned, Forgotten....,
48" x 5-6" Acrylic on canvas, 2023, SOLD
Loko Waimaluhia1,
16" x 20"Oil on canvas, 2022, SOLD
Hidden Unseen 2022.jpg
Ken_Nakamura_Waking Up in the Morning.jpg
Waking Up in the Morning
16" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2019, SOLD
Hidden, Unseen
16" x 20", Oil on canvas, 2022, SOLD
Hummingbird in a Garden
16" x 20"Oil on canvas, 2022, SOLD
Cody and Peter Final.jpg
View from Kapiolani Park Diamond Head A2022.jpg
Home in Kahala.jpg
Cody and Peter
11" x 14", Mixed Media, 2022, SOLD
View from Kapiolani Park
16" x 20", oil on canvas, 2022, SOLD
A Home in Kahala
16" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2022, SOLD
Portrait of Ed, 
16" x 20" Oil on canvas, 2022, SOLD
Family Collage.jpg

They Are Waiting for Me

11" x 14", Mixed Media, 2018, NFS

Watercolor Landscape Kumu 2018.jpg
View From Kapalama
11"x 14", Watercolor, 2022, SOLD
Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden 1,
16" x 20"Oil on canvas, 2020, SOLD
Early Work


16" x 20", Acrylic, State Foundation for the Culture and Arts Purchase Award, 1983, SOLD

Herzog 1982.jpg


24" x 30", oil oil canvas, 1982, SOLD

The Dark Night.jpg

The Third Moment: The Dark Night

48" x 140", 3 panels, oil on canvas, curtain, 

Thesis Exhibition 1984, NFS

Untitled Still Life.jpg


30"x 72"", Oil on Canvas, 1982, SOLD


The Second Moment: Illumination

30" x 110", 5 panels, AcrylicThesis Exhibition 1984

Nakamura Landscape with steps and cloth2.jpg


48" x 120", 3 panels, oil on cavas, steps,1984, NFS

Contemporary Art Center 1983_canvas.jpg

Ghosts of the Past

Advertiser Contemporary Art Center Purchase

30" x 68", 23 panels, acrylic,1984, SOLD



48" x 100", 2 panels, acrylic,1984, NFS

Still Life 1982.jpg

Do Not Disturb

24" x 30", oil od canvas, 1982, NFS

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